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Extreme Beds
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  Tanning Equipment

Luxury tanning is more than just a tan, it’s a lifestyle. Relaxing in the soothing rays of the industry’s most progressive equipment takes you away and brings excellent results!

Tangible offers 3 levels of tanning and 5 different types of equipment. These levels are based on the type of tan desired and the method of bronzing respective to each equipment type.

Feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members to design a personal tanning program to optimize your tan.

Tangible Tanning offers several choices for the tanning equipment including:

Extreme VHR Beds
Top of the line tanning. That is what you can expect with the Extreme VHR experience. The MegaMax Extreme is comes with a series of lamps configured to ensure you achieve outstanding color in just minutes.

*Note: this image displays facial tanners, however, we do not offer facial tanners in our salon

  • Extreme - 15 minute bed.
Mega Beds

Mega V-10 minute
Mega VHR Beds
Making the most of your tan. These units offer deep, dark tanning color in a few sessions, with some color instantly after your first session.

These are an excellent compliment to the traditional 20 minute beds to bump up your color on a budget or just take it slow as you go and enjoy building your tan.
  • Mega Max - 15 minute, VHR Browning Bed
  • Mega V     - 10 minute, VHR Stand Up
Premium Base Building Beds
Premium Beds

Building your base color is the most important step in your tanning program. Depending on your skin-type the Premium Bed will be the best way to get you started. Take your time and enjoy your look as you see color day after day and week after week.

To bump your color up a notch, try the Mega Units. Ask your tanning professional when is the best time to make your move.

  • Premium - 15 minute bed, High UVB
  • Premium - 20 minute bed, Mix UVA & UVB

Premium Units
Tangible Tanning is proud to offer

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