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Golden Rule of Tanning
Maximizing Moderation
Why Lotions ARE Worth It

  Tanning Tips
Tangible Tanning is a Smart Tan Certified salon. This is the industry’s highest level of professional certification ensuring you enjoy a smart tan.
The “Golden Rule” of Smart Tanning  
Appropriate levels of sunlight are different for everyone, but the Golden Rule of Smart Tanning is the same for everyone; don’t ever burn.

Enjoying the controlled tanning environment at Tangible Tanning enables you to achieve your best tan without experiencing the potentially harmful affects of uncontrolled sun exposure.
Maximizing Your Tan By Practicing Moderation
Tangible Tanning is committed to helping you make sense of all of the information circulating about ultraviolet exposure. We want to teach you the tanning process and how to enjoy moderate tanning, based on your skin type, as a life-long activity.
Lotions ARE Worth It – Here’s Why
Tanning Lotions are more than just a "nice to have" - they are a must. Here are three scientifically proven reasons for using tanning lotions.
  • You loose 5 to 8 minutes of your indoor tanning time when you do not use an indoor tanning lotion.
  • Your tan producing cells, melanocytes, are below the surface of your skin. These cells must be moisturized directly to produce the browning agent called melanin.
  • When you tan, your skin produces bacteria. This bacteria can produce white spots that do not tan and may cause an unpleasant odor. Scientifically- formulated tanning lotions reduce these bacteria by allowing the skin to tan evenly without odor or spotting.

    To avoid these pitfalls, we recommend you use the industry's premiere lotions by Designer Skin®.
Tangible Tanning is proud to offer

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